PMA5 Lite assessment

A reduced version of Provek's leading comprehensive online assessment tool for programme and project management undertaken by over 8,000 professionals.

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This assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and on completion you will receive a one page report.  Please click on the red button when you are ready to start.

Our experience of working across all four of the APM qualifications with many individuals and organisations has enabled us to benchmark our PMA5 Lite online assessment to the requirements of each qualification. 

If you are interested to know which of APM Introductory Certificate, APMP, APM Practitioner Qualification or the Certificated Project Manager, is the most suitable qualification for you then take our PMA5 Lite online assessment. 

For more information on the full comprehensive assessment and its applications follow this link to the Full PMA5 Assessment.


Start your PMA Lite assessment

Further information

Please contact Rachel Littlechild on 01635 524610 should you require any assistance in accessing your assessment.

Should you wish to trial the comprehensive PMA5 assessment including the personality module, please contact Erica Gassor on 01635 524610.

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APM Courses

Provek is an APM accredited training provider for delivering APM based courses.   Choose from our wide range of open public courses or in-house single client courses available for developing you or your project and programme staff.  For in-house delivery, most courses can also be tailored to a client’s specific needs.


Ready for new APM project professional standard?

The Association for Project Management has announced the pilot launch of the new APM project professional standard.  Are you ready to become a project professional?  More details ...