Benchmarking project professionals

Benchmark the capacity and capability of your project professionals to industry standards and your organisation’s project requirements

Using unique and well proven assessment tools and techniques we can help you to:

  • Manage your organisation’s project professionals to match demand
  • Plan career development options for your project professionals

Our approach

Initially we work to understand your goal and to help you plan the communications to your stakeholders.  Your project professionals and your organisation’s project landscape will then be assessed using a carefully selected combination of tools and techniques.  Detailed analysis will highlight key points such as:

  • The level of each project manager – Level A, Level B, Level C or Level D aligned with the International Project Management Association (IPMA) levels
  • Comparison of your organisation’s project professionals to industry norms
  • Your project landscape – the nature of projects (i.e. size, complexity and type) and quantity

Expert reporting and discussion of the finings with you will highlight the key conclusions and recommendations.

Success stories

Identifying the top 100 project managers from 500 project managers

MOD benchmarks over 1000 project managers

Unique proven assessment tools

Our tools include a simple and extensively deployed competence framework, the comprehensive online assessment PMA5, and a consultant marked Scored CV.


Further information

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